Suzann Conti

Suzann Conti

Religious antiquities and rare gemstones crafted into a timeless one of a kind jewelry collection

Jewelry designer & artisan in Scottsdale, AZ. ♛
The history of each religious relic, the quality and cut of the gemstones, & the old world style handmade chain inspires the overall design of each exclusive piece. My collection combines spirituality & fashion into timeless jewelry for any occasion.♛

The design for each unique piece begins with a search for rare antiquities from around the world. Research generally centers on early European religious/spiritual art and metalwork. Once a unique relic is selected, sketches are drafted for each one of a kind antiquity. Gemstones from all over the world are hand picked for each creation to produce the collection. Handmade solid bronze, sterling silver, and brass chain are crafted just as they were in the old world. Each original handmade creation is designed around the religious artifact, and has a well thought out, spiritual meaning behind it.♛

The collection represents timeless pieces symbolic of both spirituality and fashion.♛

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